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We provide a highly rated floor waxing service for commercial and residential properties. Get a quote for floor waxing in and around Cardiff, Newport and Bristol.

Floor Waxing in Cardiff, Newport and Bristol

Having wood flooring is a long-term investment, so continuing its longevity and stylish look is a priority for all owners. We at the Celtic Floor Company understand this, and so we have passion in provide the finest wood floor waxing and re-waxing service in South Wales, Bristol, and their surrounding areas.

Wood flooring waxing is a popular and fashionable maintenance process, which has two desirable purposes: providing an excellent finish to the look of your floor while giving a great method of protection for the wood. Waxing your floor gives a stunning and attractive shine, while also adding a protective layer which helps prevent scratches, scuffs and dents from everyday life. There are several waxes and application processes available for all types of wooden floors and following a careful assessment of the condition and history of your floor by us, we will suggest the appropriate wax and application method needed to obtain best result. The waxes we use in our waxing service are of the highest quality, delivering an outstanding finish, that cannot be achieved to the same extend and length of time as waxes available in your local store.

Waxing can be a difficult and challenging task for those who have not specialised in the work. In some cases, and for the wood flooring to fully benefit from waxing, the former layer of wax will need to be removed before the new one is applied. In this case, we carefully select the required stripper and expertly remove the old wax. Choosing the correct wax stripper will avoid the wood getting damaged and ensure all the former wax has been removed from the floor. This is a precise part of the process and we may need to repeat the process, especially when dealing with a build-up of wax.

We then apply the organic and natural wax onto your wooden floor to create the perfect image and durability you want. We ensure the wax has been applied smoothly and evenly, reaching all areas of your floor for maximum effect. Wax is a difficult substance to administer, yet our years of knowledge and experience will achieve the perfect and professional finish for your prized wood flooring.

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